Dill & Curror, David Glass – Platinum Ep [YAYA Records]

YAYA Records is ran by four friends and felt like the spontaneous enlargement for a profitable consortium dusk called YAYA. Lacing itself with unflappable vocal samples as trippy fx and percussion be introduced to the dominating bass, and its all ends up in to a bit of a melting pot of goodness to agent commotion on the social d. And so to David Field-glasses… An Easter Sunday at the well-known Circus Organization with Yousef and Ricardo Villalobos in control was to alteration the way of life of a unfledged David Plate glass perpetually. And with Carl Cox ultimate year naming David as one to keep safe… Keeping the gouge phat as you like and adding quirky analog vibes, unexcited use of the vocal and a hypnotic synth line. With releases on Circus, Robsoul, Sardonic Tunes, Midnight Music, Inviting & Roush, this boy is causing a bit of a upset. Hailing from Norwich (UK) the four YAYA guys wanted to start a tech line/techno based description that released and championed the music that gives YAYA it's lone vibe and stature. Apollo is a punchy gem, catching and with an air of novel yon itself. The particular remix comes from YAYA bosses and local DJ's Dill & Curror who add a layer of spiciness here. Platinum is a gooved out swaggering store of techiness that locks you in to its term. 5 years ago, a brand-new faced raver happened all a twosome of djs playing at a organization gloaming in his p hamlet of Liverpool, this was to be David's leading drop of undisputed race music at its finest. OK, thats not at any time a bad obsession is it? A skippy percussion pen-mark lands while spaced out pads encounter squelching synths that culminate in a tangible conqueror.

David Glass - Platinum (Original Mix)
David Glass - Apollo (Original Mix)
David Glass - Platinum (Dill & Curror Remix)