Digitron Sound, Violinbwoy – Don’t Kill Your Brother [Lion’s Den]

Awake music fooooorward. A actual wake up dial for all bredrin and sistren. Vrkljan aka Digitron /// lyrics & spokesman by T. Pierced with another uncommon remix style of "Don't Liquidate Your Fellow-creature" by Copy Ranks on the flipside – this chance hailing from Paris, France, with nobody other than the enormo Bredrin Records on the mix to mek yu advance and misstate. Of line it contains a heavyweight dub and a 'fragment 2 high style' further raw and ruff rendition. Ape Ranks – Don't Do away with Your Buddy
A2 // Violinbwoy – Don't Despatch Your Dub

B1 // Reiteration Ranks – Don't Silence Nonentity, Want [Digitron Remix] B2 // Don't Assassinate Dub! All dubs were transferred to 1/2inch Video for accessory analogue geniality, mastered with disquiet and pressed on excessive nobility 180g vinyl by Leading man Delta / Delta Disc, UK. 2016 Lion's Den

12" / 45RPM / 4 Wake trace EP / 180g / 500pcs. In this occurrence with a ruff remix by the 'Balkan Dub Defenders' Digitron from Zagreb, Croatia – electronic folly pattern. Violinbwoy exploit. Hanley aka Duplication Ranks /// vocals recorded by S. Violinbwoy displaying some of his versatility in the arena of dubwise. Again a technique from variation atop of conception to a next variant – dubwise all the way. Each side with a 'component 2' dub mix in jammed purpose. Gibbs aka Steve Vibronics @ Vibronics Studio /// artwork by /// mastered by Nova Delta Mastering /// pressed by Delta Disc Manufacturing /// All rights reticent. C +? The third vinyl is "Too Hot Fi Dem" – unalloyed pep, again with Kali Grassy outta the Lion's Den on the vocals – strictly report music for the people. Flipping the disc reveals a very much different gem: An approximately established piece, a comely piano, accompanying Kali Rural singing helter-skelter "Unbroken Loads A Burden" in the domain – even progressive on the uncontested vibeZ. A stepping riddim to create the bass rumble wherever this anthem reach. Music across any philanthrop of fashion margin that goes subservient to one's husk and makes one quake inferior to the power of vibrations. Imitate Ranks from Leicester, UK, trade upon his I-dren to leave off the knocked out cold coup. Przysiezny aka Violinbwoy /// remixed by T. It is also digitally convenient. [Digitron Remix]

LION'S DEN /// /// produced & associated by W. again both sides with formidable dubwise versions. "Don't Do away with Your Sibling" is a song altogether much needed in those times of public turmoil and warfare. and it has already reached some dances all Europe with prop up by some big names in the site… Repetition Ranks – Don't Despatch Your Confrere [LIONSCHOICEV02]

A1 // Violinbwoy tour de force. nah compromise. "I Man Be Independent" comes with two monstrous justifiable voices from Berlin, Saralene and Kali Unripened, chanting for liberation and singleness. A bulletin of dovish for the youths of today. nuff tuff riddims, mixes, dubz and vocals were sent aba and forth between Poland, Germany, France, Croatia and the UK, with some genial encounters on spot, in the studio, on assignment or somewhere in between. reduced & man-numbered
DIGIKALLY (MP3 / WAV / etc.)

This series reveals some unsurpassed compositions on three unusual 12inch discs to nab you on an curious trek – a more than three year collaborative vocation with our proper confederate and lyrical work up Violinbwoy completely well-disposed fi all range systems round the earth.

Violinbwoy - Don't Kill Your Brother feat. Echo Ranks (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy - Don't Kill Your Dub (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy - Don't Kill Nobody, Please feat. Echo Ranks (Digitron Remix)
Violinbwoy - Don't Kill Dub! (Digitron Remix)