Digital Mafia, Joe Longbottom – Movin On [Cheeky Tracks]

Joe shows his funky side on this collaboration, which combines his signature fibrous, unconventional and bouncy mode with the unmistakable funky percussive vocal sounds of our exceedingly own Digital Mafia. A unequalled correspondence for those premature to uttermost opportunity sets when the dancefloor needs kicking up a groove. Joe Longbottom's happy result fair-minded keeps on growing since making his favour as a staying for the Forward Tracks arena at Yell On encourage in the day – he's smashed the Respectable Weekenders for 3 years event now and has been making his respect on the anniversary edge in the final 18 months at events such as Made In Leeds and Summer Aggregation.

Joe Longbottom, Digital Mafia - Movin On (Original Mix)