Didier Beydts, PsyTox – What Happens [Coincidence Records]

A new salt, so I trust you are all splendidly rested or you be suffering with had tremendous decorous fun while gigging supervised the summer sun. Brand boss Psytox (aka Didier Beydts) opens the hoof it with a acid-infused stomper. No extravagant shmancy holding underwrite, unqualifiedly pounding, stony-hearted Acid Techno for your desire. Can't deferred. This is a private showing for an upcoming album which should see the torch any time round Christmas. As everyday, the course has been mastered by Misjah at

We yearning you wish put with us for another opportunity ripe.

PsyTox - What Happens (Didier Beydts Acid Reworxx)