Didacte – Abysse [Bullfinch]

Feeling dizzy. Exploring the coldest streets of a sleeping city. Someone is laughing behind you. A storm is knocking on the clouds. One last dance, a deep breath. And off we go. Swimming deep into the dark abysses, then running between giant wild trees, to end up above the clouds, where the peace sleeps. Pôles will take you on a surprising and mysterious inner adventure.

Artwork by Kapshul

Mastering by Bullfinch Audio

Didacte - Poles /PART 1 (Original Mix)
Didacte - Poles /PART 2 (Original Mix)
Didacte - Abysse (Original MIx)
Didacte - Taïga (Original Mix)
Didacte - Nuage (Original Mix)