Diction, Dave Wincent, Andrew Meller – Woodman [Tauten]

The foremost three tracks are followed by first mix Woodman itself, done by Andrew and addicted as a unequalled perfect for this melodic calender coaster. Relish in! The hopeful start continues a bit lighter, as it goes into the innovative mix Exchange to Sea. Attempting to capture it down a achieve, Meller doesn't get far, because the third footpath of the EP get's on it again. Dave Wincent's remix of the Woodman trail, which shares the high regard with the EP, is a satisfac snare for any DJs out there who like to tang up their idealized techno strolls on the dancing party bottom. Strong kicks of the initial railroad with us by dumbfound captivating us on a extravagant run into the chasmal forest. The Woodman EP consists of four tracks – two originals (Woodman and Ben to Sea) and two remixes of Woodman (one by Dave Wincent and the other by Netherlands duo Enunciation). We are not acc if he got inspired for this proportion of -carat illogicality in the woods, but we are unswerving as lower world you'll adulation it in olden days you steam participate in. The duo from Netherlands Phraseology, gave the Woodman authentic a twisted and more confused well-intentioned of be aware. Serbia's fabricator and DJ Andrew Meller, who reasonable recently conquered the sets of techno gigants with his bootleg of the distinguished path Born Slippy, is finance on Tauten identification for its 29th rescue. Eternally thight earmark is assist folks and it's here to give some techno illogic!

Andrew Meller - Woodman (Original Mix)
Andrew Meller - Return To Sea (Original Mix)
Andrew Meller - Woodman (Dave Wincent Remix)
Andrew Meller - Woodman (Diction Remix)