Dez Williams – The [Vanta Series]

After a marvellous summer and a capacity-blasting Krake Red-letter day, Killekill takes its next vestige and kicks off another new nickname called VANTA SERIES, which is unavoidable for bantam series of 12"es with out-usual dancefloor tracks. Every hand out resolve admit a little announcement, all four posters put together suit Elzo Durt's portion "Les anges de l'apocalypse". It consists of 4 releases and comes with an artwork by French artist Elzo Durt. The renown derives from Vantablack, a tint from nano technology, which is the blackest dark-skinned and indeed unseeable. Vanta therewith stands for the amount vacancy and is the matchless fame for a ticket which does not from a defined unanimity itself but is a party line for peculiar series, which wishes all own a concept and aesthetic in itself. The B-side comes with two acid variations – one more stingy, one sensitive and psychedelic – which register the likely of this famed manufacturer. A-Side Acidbanger is a momentous banger and has unborn acid classic written all throughout it. The beginning series is called "The End Is Not far off". Initial make a notation of is by DEZ WILLIAMS, who also released on Shipwrec and Bass Agenda recently. Unlatched your ears and put the needle on – here is some acid!…

Dez Williams - Acidbanger (Original Mix)
Dez Williams - Hornet Tea (Original Mix)
Dez Williams - Offonone (Original Mix)