Dexon, De La Swing, Aaron Bessemer, Audiomatiques – Next Stop Remixes [Loose Records]

Loose Records is set to release a collection of six reinterpretations of Audiomatiques tracks with their newest mini album Next Stop Remixes. Bringing together the likes of Roberto Capuano, Cosmic Boys and Raffaele Rizzi, among others, the new collaboration shows just how far todays talent can push an already-hard hitting sound. The grooves run as deeply as the world has come to expect from Italys burgeoning electronic scene, and this collection testifies to the imaginative powers of some of its best practitioners to keep pushing the genre past limits and into a lasting place in our love for great music.

Audiomatiques - The Seventh Sense (Roberto Capuano Remix)
Audiomatiques - Let's Go (Cosmic Boys Remix)
Audiomatiques - Next Stop (Raffaele Rizzi Remix)
Audiomatiques - ECAI (Aaron Bessemer Remix)
Audiomatiques - Rainbow (De La Swing Remix)
Audiomatiques - Fusion (Dexon Remix)