Detour, Basic Forces – V6 [Vivid Sounds]

V6 is the 6th unloose from Lucid sounds, three tracks here, two of which are produced by Bypass diminish who plays round with varying degrees of darkness, stimulating drum edits and defective sounds to possess a unsurpassed signature. Prime Forces continues to acquire his travel into a darker vibe yet again, with What Have to I Do. A delightful, sterile sounding, edgy calender with practically haunting lyrics dropping in to executed the sense on the virulence of darkness and a rolling bass to get irrecoverable in. A minimalist proposals and imperfections is what Circuitous route likes, as understandably as the older look of drum and bass which does report in by way of in these two pieces.

Basic Forces - What Must I Do (Original Mix)
Detour - Get You High (Original Mix)
Detour - Clap (Original Mix)