Destrada, Grizzwald, Miggz Vidaverde, Egyptian Lover – My House (on The Nile) [Pots ‘n Kettles]

Also on remix assignment is past master organizer & Pots n' Kettles designation boss DESTRADA alongside OTHERSOUND inhabitant DJ/processor GRIZZWALD. LA's Stealthy Tech Forebears tone brings renowned Electro titan "Egyptian Lover" into the studio for a remix of the Egyptian Lover's classic "My Ancestry (on the Nile)". As an artist, The Egyptian Lover was torch-years winning of the times when this note maiden came out aba in 1984 as the documentation of ownership alley from his album of the unmodified rank. DJ/processor Miggz Vidaverde from OTHERSOUND-LA spearheaded an deed to lure invest in to the dancefloor, this undying conformity, in the look of a Tech Dwelling stomper! The three remixes greetings each other with three separate approaches to the Tech Domicile characteristic; spanning American, Balaric & Funky Techno styles that do incarceration to the classic benchmark caper vibes of the actual. This album gave us such hits as "What is a DJ if he can't mark?", "Girls", "And my smite goes prosper".

Egyptian Lover - My House (On The Nile) (Miggz Vidaverde Remix)
Egyptian Lover - My House (On The Nile) (Grizzwald Remix)
Egyptian Lover - My House (On The Nile) (Destrada Remix)