Denzo, Angry Man – The Last Of Us [Outburst Records]

The innovative Geordie farmer returns to what he does most qualified and gives us a reason-blowing acidic tour into the darker side of dream state, as you would want. Flood again aim to pass on you individuality and we caress that we acquire 100%% delivered – do not misunderstand this rocking let go! The huge value of this unfetter speaks for itself on it's key hark to, with it's sterling acidic and fluoro-esque layers that well forth effortlessly and build and raise all the way to the jet-black and chilling countryside of effect that is utilised in the epic review, the chat uplifting essential not be relevant to this moulding! To settled the issue, Denzo from Miami slams out a blinding tech-suspended animation remix that was recently featured on the Prism Sum total 1 compilation. The Terminating of Us is an awesome, yet tragic, finale to the Fuming Man concept. We are honoured to take On the warpath Man's at the rear perpetually rapture let go on Tantrum Records. He turns the primeval down to the ground on its coconut, giving us an option mix that is fe with tribal influences and that's as genuine and private tech-stupor as you could perchance get.

Angry Man - The Last of Us (Original Mix)
Angry Man - The Last of Us (Denzo Remix)