DenPope, DjPope, DjPope, Esteban – Let The Drummer Play & Oobaye Oobaya [POJI Records]

Takin from the powerfully acclaimed Family of Adoration CD Let The Drummer Caper has been revisited and remixed by DjPope. Verse written and performed by DjPope

DenPope produced by DjPope & Jason Den all percussions by Jason Den, interbred, arranged and mastered by DjPope

For correspond with bumf see fit connection DjPope at Produced, tainted and written by DjPope for Pope Puff out Muzick ASCAP 2007
All auxalary by Esteban, Bongos,congas and keys by DjPope.

Esteban, DjPope - Let The Drummer Play (Revisited) feat. Esteban (DjPope's S.O.B Mix)
DenPope - Oobaye Oobayo (DjPope's S.O.D Mix)