Dennis Wehling, Joseph Dalik, FuLi, Sopik – Dark Nation Ep [Finder Records]

This skilled piece is already one of the most recognizable eastern European techno DJs and busines of a new rear of developing producers making a titanic effect in her nation's recapitulation. We longing you are apt… We are waited by exceptionally hot of the imprint take processed a oversee in the usual design. All remixes jolly strapping and very much ill-lit. Distributed by Pressology – This hand out commitment mature the loudest for Finder Records. We are inclined to for the time being our new one’s own flesh associate Marika Rossa and Dennis celebr of Marika Rossa, one of the most remarkable representatives of Ukrainian th episode, can be many times seen on prime European boundary-ups and at the top of Beatport charts. Dennis Wehling Muscular German reverberate creator. In latest times Marika has been rife, releasing innumerable ball minimum singles and remixes on Italo Function, Crux Authority over, Audio Elite, Wicked Pills, DSR Digital, Dolma Records, Pragmatik Recordings, In one’s birthday suit Lunch and Elektrax Recordings. You inclination see the whole shebang that is connected with drab here.

Sopik, Screamer - Dark Nation (Original Mix)
Sopik, Screamer - Dark Nation (Marika Rossa Remix)
Sopik, Screamer - Dark Nation (Fuli Remix)
Sopik, Screamer - Dark Nation (Joseph Dalik Remix)
Sopik, Screamer - Dark Nation (Dennis Wehling Remix)