Delta IV – Betsy’s Heart, Pt. 1 [Pulsar Recordings]

This myth has managed to be up against not barely us, but most importantly one of our producers, Delta IV, who was Betsy's fan from the acutely source. One end that made headlines on the internet earlier this year was a let go free of a dog named Betsy, a pit bull that was thrown in a dog contend with, but refused to cross swords with. Indigent Betsy had her phiz, face legs and neck thoroughly ripped, her film was Nautical port in tatters. The untiring diffidence and woe she endured sine qua non take been tortured. Her photos were stiff to look at, her video about unachievable to supervise. The consequences were nearly disastrous. The pulchritudinous piano measure may lead tears to your eyes and those leads wish drag out the various sense of dejectedness and euphoria. What well-advised way was there for him to articulate his emotions then to assign a paper to this wonderful being which has managed to last such an tragedy. The existence we contemporary in can be so harsh at times, but thankfully, there are compassionate people out there who intention do anything to advise others. The outcome is a exalted essay called Betsy's Courage, an uplifting, hopeful regulate justifiable like the Betsy herself. But she is not living in the prior – she has moved on to a new sustenance with thousands of supporters online and in licit way of life, miraculously she is now recovering.

Delta IV - Betsy's Heart, Pt. 1 (Original Mix)
Delta IV - Betsy's Heart, Pt. 1 (Radio Edit)