Degray – Array [Parse Audio]

Parse Audio debuted in May with Degray's deep and stern The Source EP. Now with much support on the decks coming from the likes of Ben Klock, Âme and Joseph Capriati, the up and coming Barcelona-based artist returns and expands on his sound with the stunning Array EP.

While the focus of Degray's Parse Audio debut was on eerie atmospheres and icy melodies, Array sees the producer veer towards harsher fringes while throwing in good measures of electro-leaning sonorities. Array is an assorted four tracker which comes across as a gripping body of work.

Degray shows off his rave influences on the first half of the EP – two fast paced numbers where swirling synth lines and dancefloor demolishing bass monopolize attention. Array 2 (5h1f7) follows up with gusts of noise and oscillating bass – an unhurried ambiance building beauty with low-slung percussion. Closing track Array 2 (d1r3c710n) sees Degray striving for a natural balance, walking a tightrope between contemplative melodies and driving rhythms, resulting in a hypnotic killer.

Degray - Array 1 (5Y573M) (Original Mix)
Degray - Array 1 (D3C0D3D) (Original Mix)
Degray - Array 2 (5H1F7) (Original Mix)
Degray - Array 2 (D1R3C710N) (Original Mix)