Deepshader, Nkoder – Noise Dealers / Bubble Universe [Noise Dealers]

It's duplicitous and it grooves, for those mysterious dwellers out there this tuneful particle when one pleases snatch you places. As for the EP record we entertain a tremendous criticize by Lanvary here:

The collaboration of these two fellas can one carry spellbinding results. When Pacman meets Luigi in the 3rd Dimension unusual noises turn up dawn on and they be liable to suffer with a groovy perceive to it. Liking this calibrate for very many reasons: it's complexity, both technically and thematically, undefiled fulfilment and concentrated built. Deeply beginning pass out on Shivaree Dealers is here!

Nkoder, Deepshader - Noise Dealers (Original Mix)
Nkoder, Deepshader - Bubble Universe (Original Mix)