DeepNoize DJs, Discknocked – Ask022 Ep [Askance Discs]

Amazing dub style proposed in the new Askance Discs EP named ASK022, made by the Spanish artist Discknocked.
All the basic Maurizio's sound are reported in this great tracks, where a powerful and precise rhythm is ever accompanied by typically dub synth.
The Askance Discs boss 'DeepNoize DJs' made a remix of D9, they have interpreted the track according to their style, using only analogue instruments.

Discknocked - D4.5 (Original Mix)
Discknocked - D5 (Original Mix)
Discknocked - D7 (Original Mix)
Discknocked - D9 (Original Mix)
Discknocked - D9 (DeepNoize DJs Remix)