Deep Woods, Eric Shans – That Cat [3Bridge Records]

For the first time ever, 3Bridge Records label heads Deep Woods (aka Greg Cuoco) and Eric Shans have teamed up for their release of a single called 'That Cat'. It only made sense for the two to collaborate on this project since they both are big fans of felines as well. But the track is not really about cats, it's based around an interesting and hilarious phone message left many years ago on an answering machine to get on the guest list for one of the legendary Aqua-Booty! parties in NYC that Greg used to help curate.

Both versions have similar aspects and patterns – groovy house chords with solidly layered percussion, melodic undertones, along with the vocal sample that has to be heard to be believed. These would go well in any sort of set, at any time of the night or day. The chunky pounce of the 'Meow Mix' and the playful twists of the 'Frisky Mix' really make this single a winner. And the acapella is the original phone message that was left so use it in your tracks!

3Bridge is proud to put out the first release from this duo and it definitely won't be the last.

Eric Shans, Deep Woods - That Cat (Meow Mix)
Eric Shans, Deep Woods - That Cat (Frisky Mix)
Eric Shans, Deep Woods - That Cat (Acapella)