Deelay – Like They Know: Break [Soul Revolution Records]

Deelay: DJ/Producer from Leicester, Uk. Primarily started off DJin since the age of 16 playing a blend of House & Garage taking inspiration from the London scene and pirate stations which developed the passion for UK Garage. Such artists as Todd Edwards, Tuff Jam, Jeremy Sylvester, DJ EZ, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd to name a few were the inspired choices to fulfil an ambition to become a DJ. This then formulated into production of music as newer artists such as Alex Agore, Leigh D Oliver, James Johnston, Danny Phillips amongst others paved the way to inspire a new journey of producing a variation of house inspired tracks but with the hints of Uk Garage. Early releases include Pushing Trolleys Records & 18-09 Records.

Like They Know – A energetic bassline driven track with a garage edge to the keys and chords topped with soulful vocal stabs.

Break – A bumpy flowing track consisting of warm vocal snippets taking inspiration from the Garage genre accompanied with a rolling sub bass

Deelay - Like They Know (Original Mix)
Deelay - Break (Original Mix)