Deaf Pillow – Somatico [Tupiar Records]

Pioneering Lima's house music scene, Rodrigo Lozano & Christian Berger propose a mature, forward thinking understanding of electronic music. Their sound is future oriented yet classic, merging the unexpected and unconventional in a very well structured Pillow feels most eloquent in their extended sets with over ten years of experience, balancing a mental and mysterious atmosphere with an obscure but groovy mood. This allows them to tell a much more thorough story, to experiment, complement and discretely travel into a more sophisticated EP brings us 3 original tracks with the same creative accents of the two producers taking the listener from the beginning of the story to the end of it, through a sequence of fine tuned sounds and textures. In completion to this tracks comes an exquisite remix made by Florian Meffert, from Frankfurt Germany, bringing yet another european feeling to the Somatico track, there for giving the name to this complete digital release. Enjoy Somatico EP.

Deaf Pillow - Agarofobia (Original Mix)
Deaf Pillow - Resonante (Original Mix)
Deaf Pillow - Somatico (Original Mix)
Deaf Pillow - Somatico (Florian Meffert Remix)