Dead-Tones, M.E.E.O – Thrust [Re:Sound Music]

is a veteran producer of electronic dance music. He has been making music since 1997, going through a wide variety of electronic music styles, but always with an emphasis on melody and beats that make you dance.

His debut single for Re:Sound Music 'Thrust' is nothing short of genius! The musical composition, constant evolving melodies, and pure energy is what got us hooked from the first listen.

Our favourite French export 'Dead-Tones' has taken 'Thrust' into a whole new direction on his remix. His enchanting melodies work wonders with the warm bass and intricate percussion grooves making this a perfect track for desert raves to sun filled terraces around the globe!

M.E.E.O - Thrust (Original Mix)
M.E.E.O - Thrust (Dead-Tones Remix)