Dead Horse Beats – Bad Hopes Ep [Bastard Jazz Recordings]

Bad Hopes is the culmination of a new, fully realized sonic administering for No more Horse Beats, inspired by the sounds of the Montreal segment in which DHB is embedded; matching parts glittering R&B, and undeniable beyond ancestry inspired soundscapes, fusing fully on Bad Hopes,
Alongside friends and collaborators Frase (vocals on She Said) and Jason Simpkin (additional forging and instrumentation all over) DHB blends his agent and lyrics with bassy grooves, opulent synths and keen-minded, angular percussion into a cohesive, rolling soundscape. Since the unshackle of his beginning album in 2011, Prattle on has garnered concentration for his sui generis brand name of dim, rhythmical, woman-styled creations, and brisk combustible spectacles featuring a slough of real instrumentation, electronics and lodger performers. Patrick Get, haler known as Gone for a burton Horse Beats is a fabricator, choir member and multi-instrumentalist living in Montreal, Canada. After the publish 2015's acclaimed Solitary select People LP and a to the point duty with London's Raven Butter Records, DHB partnered with Brooklyn based Bastard Jazz Recordings for his debut vinyl critical – the Decrease 2016 unchain of Bad Hopes EP.

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