De Feo &  Squillante, Fractal Architect, Squillante, De Feo – 21st June [Progrezo Records]

It has to be said that on one clap is the Italian duo De Feo and Squillante who secure recently induce border of boundaries with their inauguration imprint Camaraderie Music Recordings as a rostrum to leak some of their studio productions in besides to accessories by Hollen, Alex Costa and Etai Tarazi virtuous to notability a few, while in the other worker is the Brit past master Dj and manufacturer Fractal Architect who has been tangled in another stimulating unloose along with De Feo & Squillantes new alley 21st June. Fractal Architects productions get been signed by some splendidly known labels including Vade-mecum music, MNL, Cinematique, INLAB, PHW, Baroque and Stripped, achieving boost from some grave importance Djs here the creation and reviews to decide take notice of.

De Feo, Squillante, De Feo & Squillante - 21st June (Fractal Architect's Longest Day Remix)
De Feo, Squillante, De Feo & Squillante - 21st June (Original Mix)