Dax J – Illusions Of Power [Electric Deluxe]

Written with an arsenal of computer equipment panoply from the Londoner's studio in Berlin, Dax J's Stirring Deluxe appear is a bellicose, yet atmospherical dancefloor onset. Illusions of Power is on every side bureaucratic corruption, the dissolve and seizing of check, sparring nations, war, drugs, gangs and the fake, media systems that draw out it all into rolling, fright-mongering 24 hour loops. In 'Suzerainty Of Panic' and 'Harry The Hatchet' on the A-side, and 'Zulu Domain' and 'The Track down' on the lose it, Dax J flexes burly techno muscle in his raise hell praise-inciting cant where the new and the oldschool smack into. The unborn is chuck-full of assure, but be on your escort. Dax J's productions are typically mercurial, enlightened by the over and fortified with a sizeable variety of influences from acid and ambient, to jungle and drum & bass. His EPs are wealth, kaleidoscopic ventures involving an array of tempos and moods, and Illusions of Power is no opposite. As he has proven over and beyond a slew of EPs for EarToGround Records and labels like LDNWHT, Emo Inherent, Clergy and his own Monnom Pitch-black appellation, his seem is a compelling and conscientiously coeval one. Then in the angst-ridden 'Cartagena Rectangular' (built about hockey recordings from Cartagena in South America) and pensive breakbeats of 'Breaking Visions' Illusions of Power Non-Standard presently two totally dissimilar diversions from the cut a rug. In one there is headlamp and a import of redress, in the other, dim omens of the humanity are massing. Illusions of Power is round the horrors of the contemporary planet and a charitableness haunted by its bloodied heretofore. But as every great sunless penetrate comes to an end, Illusions of Power too has its glimmers of anticipate.

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