Davs, Frank Walker – Run With The Real [Nightfuel Records]

Hot off of the success of his most recent single Toes, Frank Walker is back with another massive summer release. Frank's latest release, Run With The Real, features the amazing vocals of LA-based artist DAVS. With this latest single, Walker is taking a departure from his traditional house style, experimenting with down-tempo vibes, and crafting a new frontier for his sound.

Run with The Real is a grouping of sensual and uplifting melodies that will be hitting the dance floor at the peak of summer. DAVS has delivered a masterful vocal performance, mixing her sweet vocal performance with edgy lyrics that are sure to turn heads. After listening to such an intoxicating combination, all can agree that with Walker's powerful production, alongside the amazing vocals of DAVS, Run With The Real is guaranteed to be a summer hit.

Frank Walker, Davs - Run With the Real feat. DAVS (Original Mix)