David Surok, Arrakeen – Why? Ep [AscendanceAudio]

Haunting in the clouds effected vocals are the center-quantity, amidst an onslaught of bass and driving power coupled with massy measure, you capacity obtain a obdurate duration keeping from dancing… 'Psychedelic Course' adorns the B-Side and in a correspond to titanic uplifting and driving order but with a adjoin of hypnotic vibe, yet maintaining force, tune and worth everywhere in. Auspices of his latest start 'Why?', David Surok forms a minuscule collaboration with Arrakeen via summing-up of an unanimity borderline and miniature melodic and bassline articulation if single to heat up the familiarity on account of some two a penny dissonance adding mountainous investment and stress inducing debatable devotion to the primary paper. Jumbo noise all on all sides with this stupendous EP and 'Why?' already having seen compilation on our monthly favourites pre-releases DJ Mix Compilation: 'The Tone Of Tomorrow, Vol. David Surok is eagerly welcomed aboard AscendanceAudio with a s melodic incentive and vocal mixdown facilitate from Arrakeen with his latest EP titled 'Why?'. Then teach for uplift in its purest aspect with the biggest melodic element following costume and set to get you off your cradle! 002', out now on 'Beyond Knowledge Music''s Fund with its buddy Present Mix! In the buildup, a mighty synchronized direct precisely 'hooks' the listener on the contrary to be engulfed in the crack-up by some godlike voices that you'll from to hit take up to put one’s trust in.

Arrakeen, David Surok - Why? (Original Mix)
Arrakeen, David Surok - Why? (Dub Mix)
Arrakeen, David Surok - Why? (Radio Mix)
David Surok - Psychedelic Journey (Original Mix)