David Novacek, Maroy, Vangogh, 2Dope – Talentos Ep 5 [Latin Lovers Records]

LLR051 Talentos EP 5 featuring: Hedrow, David Novacek, Maroy, Vangogh, KidKnight, Andrew Mathers, 2Dope, DJ FlashElectronic music – an surprising symbiosis of cultural traditions from nearly the planet

HEDROW - Mi Ritmo (Extended Mix)
David Novacek - Agama (Extended Mix)
Maroy - Mombassa (Extended Mix)
Vangogh - La Vai Uma (Extended Mix)
KidKnight - Bamako (Extended Mix)
Andrew Mathers - Sao Tome (Extended Mix)
2Dope - Rain Over The Dessert (Extended Mix)