Dat Boi Floss, Dominican Jay, The Culprit, Stat 1 – Fruition [Mondotunes]

Featured artist: Kydd Jones, Sertified, Dominican Jay, Dat Boi Floss, Mex, The Wrongdoer, Protextor, Body 54, Dj Protege

Opus by Chamothy The Prodigious, Kydd Jones, Reggie Coby, Dj Protege

Mix & Lord high muck-a-muck by John Byrne for Marrowbone Productions


Stat 1 - Fruition feat. Peter Reed (Original Mix)
Stat 1 - Energy Roam (Original Mix)
Stat 1 - Everything Burns (Night Terrors) (Original Mix)
Stat 1, Crew 54 - Attack of the Clones feat. Protextor and Crew 54 (Original Mix)
Mex, The Culprit, Stat 1, Dominican Jay, Dat Boi Floss - No Matter feat. Sertified, Dominican Jay, Dat Boi Floss, Mex and The Culprit (Original Mix)
Stat 1 - Aura (Original Mix)
Stat 1 - Everyday (Stunt) (Original Mix)
Stat 1 - Wtfyjm feat. Kydd Jones (Original Mix)
Stat 1 - Parallels feat. Dj Protege (Original Mix)