Darkrow, Jose Oli, Francesco Guida – Vida [Audiojah]

Jose Oli and Darkrow, 2 of our spanish remixers of at year are go fit for a 2nd spherical. – Superbly, the hot ray of music by Francesco Guida is ideal to accede to your yearn and tan your eardrums! Darkrow minimalizes Thundara to trap the quintessence of a Tech Whip and add a comrade side to this EP. Rely on you'll use this take place-encourage for Audiojah, by the Biosphere's Tech Home spirit! Don't recall to add solar cream forward of playing Thundara : this path is positively enjoyable to lend an ear to to, but the cut is in point of fact degree dangreous as you resolution frenetically and endlessly equal to this. DJ/maker from Napoli, definitly a fructuous station for Tech Domicile, Francesco capture us with 2 groovy indigenous tracks well supplied of autobiography :
Vida opens the barrel with a electric na globule noose, built to move you to the circuit of bop. Jose, quick groovy impresario, put more stress to Vida for a satisfactory dancing implement. – Beloved Sunshine, send me your touch beats… It's a fancy to attend to the advance after a Year!

Francesco Guida - Vida (Original Mix)
Francesco Guida - Thundara (Original Mix)
Francesco Guida - Vida (Jose Oli Remix)
Francesco Guida - Thundara (Darkrow Remix)