Dariush, Lunatiq Phase – 24-7 [Streetlab Records]

Back in 2004 Dariush remixed a vocal that truly intrigued him. In 2005 that voice took an identity; in a chance meeting, he finally put a face to the name when he met Giio. There was an immediate connection, the desire to meet again but in the studio next time, and try and discover if they would be able to create something special together.
Giio was immediately taken to Dariush's style of production; and Dariush equally hooked on Giio's melodies. What followed was an interesting twisting of roles, ideas, notes and arrangements. Thing is Giio had studied piano for years, played guitar, sang with classical choirs, knew the harmony. He graduated as a Professional Singer from the Music Academy in Bologna in Italy, where he had his first taste of blues and jazz, and where he worked on developing his own material through diverse collaborations with many great live musicians. Since 2011 Giio lives in Berlin..
Originally from Iran, Dariush moved to Italy when he was eight years old. He comprehends the meaning and merging of different cultural contexts and had to learn from an early age the capacity to adapt the spirit. It was then he decided to make electronic music his life; he studied audio engineering and in 2000 opened the electronic music label 'Kadabra', which released his early techno productions. Over the years, he worked as a DJ and become a well-known artist across Europe with important productions as 'Ira' (2001). Then around 2004 he decided experiment with new sonorities and made a move into house music, peaking in 2005 with the single 'Across the ocean' produced by Deep Dish with the Yoshitoshi label. All of this happened before meeting Giio and deciding to merge into "Lunatiq Phase" and take up the real challenge of creating something new and free, something that would at the very least push their own musical boundary somewhat..
Against logic, their differences didn't present any obstacles as they dedicated themselves to letting go of their own hang-ups and try and listen to the music that came from within (one another).
In short: two conflicting minds discovering greater possibilities through each other's passions and intuitions and uniting to make mystical expressions with endless meaning: . 'Music'.
This was the birth of their Lunatiq projects..

'24/7' includes 4 inedit tracks not included on their last album 'Different Perceptions'.
Pure Electronic beats, mixed with some scents and colors of the world. From the playful and experimental beginnings of Lunatiq Phase. Music produced by having fun in the studio, and made for people to have fun on the dance floor.

Lunatiq Phase - 24-7 (Original Mix)
Lunatiq Phase - Gula Gula (Original Mix)
Lunatiq Phase - Du Samba (Dariush Rework)
Lunatiq Phase - Never Felt This Way (Afro Mix)