Danny Fontana – Brickyard Ep [Phobiq]

The looped-out privilege monitor opens the EP, boasting metallic riffs and slowly evolving into a perturbed synth maelstrom. Danny Fontana touches down with no less than four offerings, direct out the handbook of claustrophobic episodes. "A Large Side" continues in a somewhat more suggestive vibe with soaring electronics and mutated vocal snippets, unsurpassed to the consequence-laden "Latex" which keeps adding impetus with chancy stabs. "Reptile" seals the reckon with with mountainous, mutated pads that sooner impart way to a apogee of split up arpeggios.

Danny Fontana - Brickyard (Original Mix)
Danny Fontana - A Long Side (Original Mix)
Danny Fontana - Latex (Original Mix)
Danny Fontana - Reptile (Original Mix)