Danilo Incorvaia, Terawatt – Rate Of Energy Conversion [Ways to Die Records]

WTD EP 005 Terawatt – Rate Of Energy Conversion

WTD EP 005 Rate Of Energy Conversion takes its name from the definition of power (Watt = Joule per second). If you were still wondering, power and energy seem to be relevant to the duo Terawatt who also name their tracks after different energy unit conversions. Featuring a whole new batch of industrialised techno, the album brings to life fills, breaks, melodies and scattered vocals that aim at shaking the dancefloor.

"1w = 1e-21 ZetaWatt" is a fast-paced raw-cut tune that often breaks the rhythm conveying energy throughout the whole 8 minutes. Female vocals that seem to come from an hip-hop singer, play around creating a pleasant swing. If the rest was not enough, a late-80s disco pattern makes its appearance in the middle of the track, supported, of course, by a fat industrial kick.

"1w = 1e-18 ExaWatt" is a 4-to-the-floor melancholic techno work. The distant lead that appears sometimes, creates an atmosphere of solemn music consecration and tension to be released. The acid stab, instead, conveys a sense of energy to the already solid tune.

"1w = 1e+24 YoctoWatt" is a magnetic trippy track, with an accompanying drifting melody. Evocative of tribal rituals, a chorus of woman singing in Peruvian alternates with a game of modern leads. Glitch and guitars top up the whole composition keeping the tune in line with the rest of the EP.

"1w = 1e-21 ZetaWatt (Danilo Incorvaia remix)" does the job for a 5am sustained dancefloor oriented set. The industrial distorted kick goes all the way leaving just enough breath for a cyber-punk lead and a modern-era industrial stab.


"You can come from anywhere
and still go everywhere.
Forget your past
and reject the closure;
so that you move fast
and shape your future."


Terawatt - 1W = 1E-21 Zetawatt (Way 25) (Original Mix)
Terawatt - 1W = 1E-18 Exawatt (Way 26) (Original Mix)
Terawatt - 1w = 1e+24 Yoctowatt (way 27) (Original Mix)
Terawatt - 1W = 1E-21 Zetawatt (Danilo Incorvaia Remix)