Daniele Di Martino – Journey [With Compliments]

Thus, the elementary street "Travel" takes us on a excursion into a unclouded sunset with the terminal warming rays of flare after a relaxing and comforting day. Temporarily, the remains wants to start dancing into a wish and alluring gloaming – possibly greatest to the intimate, as darker and harder noise of Daniele Di Martino. It is an enigmatic two-footprints-EP that maintains the irritation and easiness of summer and shows the smoother side of the business. This is a vertical yawning lodgings trial with covert secrets waiting to be build and explored. And when the gegenschein has slowly disappeared, we miscalculate into a tranquil past due-summer's edge of night with the another supervise "Note". Berlin based Daniele Di Martino presents his next put out on With Compliments named: Transition. With its ambient, flowing, buzzing and lose weird power, the keep a record of fits entirely into the clique between day and eventide – making intrusive what's to clock on next.

Daniele Di Martino - Journey (Original Mix)
Daniele Di Martino - Note (Original Mix)