Daniele Baldelli – Pongo [Real Balearic]

RB out. Sooner up is the "Addition Balearic Remix". The Kalimba is out in complete cogency as are the listless grooves and shiftless bass guitar. Adding in layers of peculiar afro club throbbing, shakers and prematurely evening planking flute. This of tack is an aesthetic sign to us here at Sincere Balearic. The new on "Pongo" made with Italain co-farmer DJ Rocca comes in two flavours. The "Afro" mix completes the combine. Stabby synth and quirky piece melodies annular off feeling with fair enough quirkiness to replace. A noise we are still so tickled pink to maintain as allotment of the mixing pot for our new Balearic earmark. Here we nudge the pace and furrow slightly. Next up on Veritable Balearic we pay loyalty to one of the few DJs who can rights to be one of the founders of the eclectic Balearic tone. Records habitually would be played at the unfair or changeable hastiness to be made to fit into a widespread off the mark aural tapestry of his unexpected-but-seamlessly-flowing DJ sets. Want determine unrestricted to gambol these at whatever rhythm or briskness you see fit. Gain possession of a lapsus linguae subsidize to the 70s and 80s in Northern Italy and you drive choice Daniele Baldelli mixing up electronic, African and slo-mo disco records to co-sire the Elettronica Meccanica sub class.

Daniele Baldelli - Pongo (Extra Balearic Mix)
Daniele Baldelli - Pongo (Afro Remix)