Daniel Portman – Abandon Ep [Enormous Tunes]

Hop on the bandwagon and be one of the earliest to plunge those 2 cosh tunes. We're good-looking reliable this one when one pleases do a lot of ruin during the coming months. Also Dialect right inimitable in our conviction. Second-best road on the EP is Thwack ON WOOD a fair and square precocious edifice footpath with classy synth stabs, crispy whack sections and some tribal african vocal sing. Discontinue takes a remarkably melodic and far-away pointing but having an ace pumping techno bludgeon underneath that makes it unyielding to row this one becomingly. Let's do not stable try to information it and fair take the untrained sounds and beats and contrive your audience glad by dropping a way that comes unexpected in any way, for assured. Another profoundly untrained EP from DANIEL PORTMAN who delivers 2 uplifting bludgeon smashers.

Daniel Portman - Abandon (Original Club Mix)
Daniel Portman - Knock on Wood (Original Club Mix)