Daniel Gorziza – Karma [2 Owls Records]

On his VA "Active in Slovenia", Daniel Gorziza is listed next to tracks by performing artists like Josh Wink, Pig&Dan, Sam Paganini and other thriving artists of the electronic music mise en scene. In 2012 he started own releases on peewee digital labels, which changed in 2013. It is flinty to reveal Daniel to a fixed variety of electronic music, as he says: "In my productions and DJ sets, I do not set limits or invariable styles, so that I can demonstrate creatively." He describes his music as being minutest-technoid, uncontrolled and danceable. In all cases since Daniel Gorziza trained the cosh sense of values with his friends when he was 16, he developed a passion for electronic music. He started his work in smaller clubs and parties in his hometown Siegen. Before long after he founded the invent Sobar&Gorziza, with whom he toured owing to Germany for a brace of years and cool lots of observation and impressions. Releases on Snork Enterprises, Raw Roots and other labels provided him prodigious attainment, for admonition the licensing of his railroad "globule that" on the English denomination Bedrock Music by John Digweed. After a ease, he recognized that working in a set means not letting creativity run, so that he undeniable to vocation alone from then. Apace it became cloudless that it was not at best his objective to pay attention to to electronic music, but also producing and playing own songs. He bought two Technics note players, which tended to with the intact thi.

Daniel Gorziza - Karma (Original Mix)
Daniel Gorziza - Timewriter (Original Mix)
Daniel Gorziza - Laces (Original Mix)