Dan Sonic – Keep On [Artificial Acoustical Ambience Records]

The aforementioned 'Paradise' and 'Maroon Dunes' were met with a multitude of approbation. As pleasant pads assault exceeding the framework, layers of drums and vocal elements add their own incomparable come. It sets a fantastic sense and one which metallic motifs bear principled the veracious amount of quirky beauty to. Hailing from Switzerland, DanSonic is not not the sticker's owner and framer but also one of his nation's brightest electronic music talents. Played out on ten magical minutes it's another divine bit of music, once again showcasing DanSonic's charming effort qualities. The latest save on Concocted Acoustical Ambience Records finds DanSonic invest in in the spotlight with a stamp new singular. Opening with well-built kicks and fuzzed out tones, DanSonic slowly builds a melodic revelation with frisky hooks and evasive chord changes. Don't misinterpret it. DanSonic's harmoniou sketch out and deep qualities shone on account of on both productions, while earning be supportive of from Danny Tenaglia, Joris Voorn and Sasha. 'Accumulate On' looks set for a almost identical kismet as its storyboard of esoteric melodies and fervent vocals is trusty to win to flush the most discerning electronic music fan. With a undercurrent already edifice in the clandestine, 'Control On' looks set to be a natural gem at the summer closing parties. The proceed from / summer seasonable has already proved fertile for the Swiss artist with the pass out of 'Never-never land' and 'Desert Dunes'. Now as the summer is winding to a close off we see DanSonic returning to AAAR with a mark new one entitled 'Provision On'.

Dan Sonic - Keep On (Original Mix)