Dan Lywood – Junk [Cochabamba Records]

Recycling fragments of German electronica, disco and 80's synth from his youth and fusing these with new, base sounds, Lywood takes us on a expedition through his set of JUNK re-imagined. The come out album by resonate designer and splendid artist Dan Lywood. Eight epic psychedelic romp-floor and spaced out useful visions! **Keith Coventry robe art** JUNK is inspired by Vik Muniz establish-breaking documentary, Regress Land which tells the history of the landfill locality, Jardim Gramacho in Rio, Brazil.

Dan Lywood - Big Trees Are Kings (Original Mix)
Dan Lywood - Sudokwon (Original Mix)
Dan Lywood - Fresh Kills (Original Mix)
Dan Lywood - Bantar Gebang (Original Mix)
Dan Lywood - K'ara K'ara (Original Mix)
Dan Lywood - Trash Vortex (Original Mix)
Dan Lywood - Agbogbloshie (Original Mix)
Dan Lywood - An Empty Silence (Original Mix)