Dan Dan, The Buzzwazz Crew, The Astral Dukes Of York, Mista Deep – Xtra Sauce [Buzzwazz Records]

ALL THE Crowd AT BUZZWAZZ KEEPING THE PORTIONS BIG, AND THE Impudence HOT…Electronic music – an fabulous symbiosis of cultural traditions from all over the Terra

Mista Deep - Mista Sinacle (Original Mix)
Dipsey Dooley - Fun De Mental (Original Mix)
Little Doris - When The Beatz Go Wild (Original Mix)
Dirty Mamma, Mista Deep - Let's Settle This (Once An 4 All) (Original Mix)
The Astral Dukes Of York - Road To Travel (Original Mix)
The Buzzwazz Crew - Feed The People (Original Mix)
Dan Dan - What The Girlz Do (Original Mix)
The Astral Dukes Of York - Nitewerk (Original Mix)
Dan Dan, Dirty Mamma - Thirty Seven Degrees (Original Mix)
The Buzzwazz Crew - Where We Gonna Party (Original Mix)
Little Doris - Shampoo (Original Mix)
The Buzzwazz Crew - Edge Of The Universe (Original Mix)