Damho – Hamaoh Himba [Invert Recordings]

Ladies and gentleman,greeting to the Jungle! Damho earliest released his music on Space-Stretched vol.1. 'Hamaoh Himba', the key prints as superbly as the caption of his publish, welcomes you to Namibia, where the people of Himba race are chanting in the direction of the big smidgen of laser stabs and percussion dominates the vibe. Secondly, Damho shows us how to correctly tribal by combining Indonesia's well-known strike one of Angklung with African percussive pulse. The development is surprisingly sounds like both elegance be a member of together. His collaboration with Enkara was off the peg! And now he is promote with his consistency in serving you characteristic Jungle Brute tracks.

Damho - Hamaoh Himba (Original Mix)
Damho - Arumba (Original Mix)