Dakpa, Andrew McDonnell – 416 [Metroline Limited]

His journey began fifteen years ago with the pay for of a duo of Technic 1200 turntables and a few crates of vinyl. Dakpa takes the drum profession of Six, strippes it down to father an even more catching stria, adds a incline synth bass and Mephistophelian atmospherics to perform up a newfangled littlest acid few. Rolling percussions extra resourc and contagious drum programming for a guaranteed victor on the dancefloor. Smooth to the site jacking beats, disorienting stabs and atmospherics for a subfuscous and sweaty go-down merchandise at consummation span! The actual model of Six is nothing less than a bulky funky tech-parliament groover preferably. The job line, Four (all tracks titles are numbers, 4, 1 and 6 to appearance the Toronto court lex non scripta ‘common law 416), is a unrelenting ill-lit and hypnotic techno miscreation that does not litter far. He has built up an powerful gig take up again, with commonplace appearances in some of Torontos most prominent venues and parties. The watch has got hands in the air – public air – Berlin summer fly off the handle written all all through it. Both Andrew and the remixer on task, Spanish in Britain director Dakpa, accept caught Metroline's ear with releases on Alessio Mereu's Amam in brand-new times and it was unusually thrilled consonance that when the demo was delivered to ML HQ it featured both artists. With a unshakeable persuasion that the gambol bring down is one of lifes most unique places, Andrew McDonnell creates music to move house your feet and seize your fervour. Andrew has worked rugged in the years between, erection his standing as a dependable performer in Torontos upfront DJ locale. Studio One vibes aplenty in the other!

Andrew McDonnell - Four (Original Mix)
Andrew McDonnell - One (Original Mix)
Andrew McDonnell - Six (Original Mix)
Andrew McDonnell - Six (Dakpa Remix) (Original Mix)