Daiz, Varun Fernandes, Shaun Moses, Damien Fisher – Green Tea (remixes) [Rural Records]

As a follow up to Rural Sounds Records third release Shaun Moses 'Green Tea', Rural offers fans a remix edition with new versions of all three tracks.

Breakdown, Green Tea and Taurine. Carefully selected producers Damien Fisher (Elrow Music, Stick Recordings), Varun Fernades (SoupHerb Records, Electronic Tree) and Daiz (Household-Tribe-Recording) were asked to provide their own personal interpretations of these great tracks.

Whilst this remix pack has its own flavour and style, it stays true to vibes of the original E.P with all tracks having again a nice deep dark techno vibe with progressive feels.

The first track 'Breakdown Remix' by Damien Fisher is a pure Techno track through and through, high snappy percussion dominates the top whilst atmospheric growls and grunts add a very dark bottom end. Large reverbed synth stabs build throughout alongside searing electrical style sweeps swinging through the mid.

The second track 'Green Tea Remix' by Daiz has a similar sound to the previous track, however, it is slower and softer. The same growls and atmosphere is present, yet the percussion is lighter and the stabs more elongated and delayed. This production reflects more progressive tones than techno, another deep and dark journey, a great tribute to the original track by Shaun.

Taurine is the last remix on this E.P, it was produced by Varun Fernadas. This track's sound is right in the middle of the previous two, a little techno as well as some deep progressive vibes. The percussion is prominent, creating a nice tribal feel. Big reverbed hits add tension whilst the haunting melody and vocals from the original add a real depth to the song. Huge winding synth work builds the drop only to place the listener back to the dark hypnotic rhythm that moves this song along. A really great remix and extension of the original release.

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Shaun Moses - Breakdown (Damien Fisher Remix)
Shaun Moses - Taurine (Varun Fernandes Remix)
Shaun Moses - Green Tea (Daiz Remix)