Daissen ‘n’ Witches, Danny Legatto, Craig London – 7 Symbols [Stories In Trance]

Matthias & Sandra Hamann come after up their initial actual on Dina (SIT 139) with this remix and in doing so give back the felicitate to Craig London for remixing their watch. The irreversible route on this unfetter comes in the form of the Daissen 'n' Witches remix. Because of this, and in excess of all, we are proud to put them out there. This spoor (with Craig's now normal animated flavours) expertly combines an hostile and euphoric perceive, balanced superbly with splendid melodic and atmospheric layering. Eternally driven by the ideals that we started out with and our eternally sharp concentration to cadre, we hearten relief of enunciation from all concerned in our projects. With this remix they step up a originative and together alternate to the unique by adding their own end result ta to the chunk. Another imaginary manufacturing to add to Danny's even growing status be known. Stories In Stupefaction are enchanted to volunteer up SIT 140 by Craig London with the three trail take 7 Symbols. The cardinal remix on this discharge comes from Danny Legatto with his High-strung remix. Our whodunit continues… He uses the skipper to capacious influence, unmistakeably complimenting the untiring finger of the indigenous with emotive atmospheric touches and precarious, yet cogent layering. In front up is the creative mix. The end development is antiseptic, unadulterated creativity. Another diss that positively again shows why Stories In Ecstasy is the most different and individual tag in semi-conscious. Danny sticks to his trite uplifting ecstasy look whilst adding his own nebulous touches to the portion. Matt Carter / Thomas Carter
Stories In Cataleptic Emend a conclude impresario Danny Legatto (AKA Roman Korbut) makes his alternative form on SIT following on from his magnificent introduction remix of Hindmost Moments (Re-Lived) (SIT 136). As is now model with all his employment the entire origination property is of the highest codification, and again finished off by the mastering skills of Dan Garton, this is another extraordinary the world from confidently one of the most skilful producers in complete absorption honest now. SIT van Craig London backs up his most new remix of Dina (SIT 139) with yet another classic authentic.

Craig London - 7 Symbols (Original Mix)
Craig London - 7 Symbols (Danny Legatto Emotional Remix)
Craig London - 7 Symbols (Daissen ’n’ Witches Remix)