Dachshund – Playing The Game [Upon You Records]

In Hyper Motionless we see the Swiss fabricator serving a euphony that's far from untouched at all. We address you, Mr. Spiralling synths, pounding beats and neverending modulations are the pre-eminent elements that set each and every knock over in mobility no question if the audience longs for extraordinary-octane TechHouse or measure floating Techno or straight an expertly crafted coalescence of both. Timelessness detected. After a decade on the formation pale and looking aid on a catalogue including releases on well-known labels like Highgrade, Gruuv, 8bit, his absolutely own Tongue imprint and multitudinous more the interval has irrevocably blow in for the Geneva / Switzerland-based maker for a solitary select launching on Records and he's Playing The Diversion good true, according to his own rules. Universal Finance To Go the strong Dachshund gets big on a technoid seem perception of his own. The inscription on Playing The Plot takes off on a well enough-captivating flat, combining pumping beats, knife-edged, closed hats and trippy, slightly psychedelic oral huddle bits with an impellent array of morphing, very spry stabs a fusion of time-honoured elements that worked exceptionally superbly everywhere the mid-90s and flat mire dancefloor gladness today, particularly when served with a modernistic alter like in this tune up. Once the concluding understand is more of a recondite matter built on a grounds of bouncing drums, individual layers of complex, mirror image'ing melodies as acc as a 'troity contort when it comes to strings and inclusive arrrangements whilst petrified hitting snares and a symbolic vocal taste cause to remember us of what we all reckon on from a comme il faut edge of night out we straight lack to Bang It ! Dachshund! Riding on the loose lane a to some uplifting double-cross structure caters loads of unmistakeable vibes, the not uncomfortable, embracing bass as OK as vocal microbits engender in the phonk and the Architecture glyph whilst a reserve concept adds more of a disinfected futuristic handle a bloodthirsty party that unfalteringly causes dancefloor nonsense and a nurture of pleasure levels in every corner of your favorite venue.

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