D-White Noise – Random Consequence Ep [Me Mood Music]

The second release in quick succession for D-White Noise which sees yet another change in pace and direction. Obviously aiming to keep you guessing with each and every production.

On one side this two tracker ventures into deep and soulful grooves whilst the other provides a much more familiar progressive house track, though this time with a twist.

Track 1 – 'Random Tandem' glides along on a deep and soulful house ride with its mesmerising synth leads and dreamy synth pads.

Track 2 – 'Tragic Consequence' builds from its trance like intro to a much more driving bassline and winding leads, to its much more acid derived finale.

Track list:
1. Random Tandem
2. Tragic Consequence

D-White Noise - Random Tandem (Original Mix)
D-White Noise - Tragic Consequence (Original Mix)