D.R.N.D.Y, Le Son Du Placard, Patrick Hero – Revelation [Chien d’Ours Records]

, who has already signed on the most famous labels in the sedulousness, offers a Littlest Techno model objective as savoury as the other ones. The prime one smoothly recognizable by his incomparable imprint is delivered by the completely wizard French Canada entrepreneur Le Son du Placard. We are over the moon to begin Chien d'Ours Records' 15th manumit and acceptable a new artist on enter, Patrick Ideal. Patrick has a uncommonly idiosyncratic latest thing certainly coming from his German Techno roots and his passion for music which he at all times transfers to the dancefloor and make off the group below his incantation. This EP also features 2 remixes. This is yet a new stormer EP from Patrick Paladin, hamper it out!

Patrick Hero - Revelation (Original Mix)
Patrick Hero - Revelation (Le Son Du Placard Remix)
Patrick Hero - Revelation (D.R.N.D.Y Remix)