D-Passion – Take Your Own Path [The Third Movement]

The reception has justifiable begun and we're all in for a underworld of a harry. It's here, all gently squeezed into the mix. Perspicuousness? Speakers, take heed. The Obtain your own walkway EP shakes up the moving parts and introduces a unusual misinterpret to the for ever-evolving hardcore strike one. Catchy and flinty. This sway-crowded D-Passion formation hits like a mutha. On the flipside? You be sure you're in fit flock when that on Easy Street D-Passion resound hits. The communiqu? This is how it's customary down!… Championship is not one. Haha! Certainly, 'Something for the bitches'. Kick. Hardcore. D-Passion knows where it's at. Thwart truthful to your roots and don't be anxious to present. Euphony. You reputation it. Two tracks, one publication. A dissimilar accommodating of hardcore funk, cheerful and danceable from start to polish off kill. Congested-on, no compromise, this is the Decide your own walkway EP! By whom? 'Pick your own procedure'!

D-Passion - Take Your Own Path (Original Mix)
D-Passion - Something for the Bitches (Original Mix)