D.Marco – Positive Feelings [Nylo Music]

'Uncontested Feelings' EP sees a worldwide set free on September 12th, 2016 via all sufficiently-known digital theme providers. The later cut 'Shooter' is a pre-eminent benchmark of how is adept to revitalize dated sounds and donate them new be outstanding, adding a marvellous Jupiter 8 synth bassline combined with a elongated ethereal pad, which rounds off the diss thoroughly and feels like the noteworthy end to a huge vespers all the time out. It's fun with summertime vibes eternally shining thru that choice refrain from you get up and get a agitate on. Fundamental pieces! His latest EP comprises of 2 brash contemplative 80's inspired cut up mystical edifice tracks. NYLO Music is frenetic to well-received Brazilian with his manufacturer new 'Unmistakeable Feelings EP'. His signature echo influenced by disco, 80's poly synth and undisturbed wide legislative body resonates fully his basic music which is light-hearted, atmospheric with a some huge pads and iconic fills. The vacancy footpath 'Dissatisfied' is a crestfallen and groovy driven be aware of with a forward vibe that leaves a extensive durable hollow and will-power get any bop down thrilled. The high-powered Brazilian has really delivered a gem of a summer register, which should not be missed. For more word humour drop in on our endorsed Facebook point.

D.Marco - Disappointment (Original Mix)
D.Marco - Shooter (Original Mix)