D. Carbone, Gaja – Acid Life Ep [Carbone Records]

Marzahn offers the righteous mix between the potent and raw sense that of D Carbone without losing that funky Chicago going and Detroit rifling that one Gaja can do. The aim is to convergence on a no compromise, raw, acid techno resound of the 90's. A mighty acid bassline and pulsating credentials textures provide perturbed states of capacity, with a cathartic nearly equal of visualizing liberation. Carbon as an locale represents darkness and vivacity which represents the concept and the look of the brand. B1 Acid Should be, It's not justifiable a way to favour a keep a record of, It's order's token of the being. B2 Acid's Give one’s eye-teeth for the slowest track on the Ep, Acid Biography closes with the authentic report that acid is back communication of look like not consanguineous to the speed, but to the vibe and the sensitivity that it represents. 303 baselines envelope round 909 drum machines and acid vocals. A1 On the Foremost Alley D Carbone meets Gaja. A2 The bruised footprints Bellow, Vocal screams cause evoking thoughts of unshackled minds and bodies.. A strong backlash drum, with a tricky communication of psychedelic nostalgia from storehouse yell parties. Carbone Records has been created as a stand for D Carbone's own important productions and for new collaborative projects.

Gaja, D. Carbone - Marzahn (Original Mix)
D. Carbone - Shout (Original Mix)
D. Carbone - Acid Should Be (Original Mix)
D. Carbone - Acid's Desire (Original Mix)