Cuthead – Return Of The Sample Jesus [Uncanny Valley]

In a the public without trust, a universe with no predilection for sonic adventures, there's purely one man who can redeem us all. From behind the delighted pyramids of Egypt comes a man that has nothing to be established but a lot to vouchsafe. Heed to the consultation of the Specimen Jesus!… Weary after years of asceticism there was one one aim on his wisdom: to away all the woe out of our heads. Taught by a renowned Pharaoh, he has lived the human being of an eremite for decades. On the true search for the best experience he listened to the finest Mongolian race to exploratory Tuvan Throat singings. It was single recently that he was returning from his self-imposed banishment to clock on up with a memorandum that hits recondite in everybody's intellect. He is the Illustration Jesus! Hallelujah, Legislative body-heads and Hip-Hop-kids, be predisposed.

Cuthead - RealEstate (Original Mix)
Cuthead - Like (Original Mix)
Cuthead - My Love for You (Original Mix)
Cuthead - Harlem River Drive (Original Mix)
Cuthead - Mitsubishi (Original Mix)
Cuthead - We All Fly (Original Mix)
Cuthead - Deep in My Soul (Original Mix)
Cuthead - Every Time (Original Mix)
Cuthead - Der Antanztrick (Original Mix)
Cuthead - Outro (Original Mix)